Rye - Charity Initiative

£20 from the profits of each Rye towel rail is being donated to Lucky's Legacy Rescue

Lucky's Legacy Rescue are a wonderful 'on the ground' UK registered charity run entirely by volunteers from both Romania and the United Kingdom. Their goal is to work together to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome as many abandoned dogs and cats as possible. They work tirelessly to care for and nurture these forgotten animals before finally finding them wonderful forever homes. Their neutering campaigns are the final, vitally important step in relieving the often overwhelming suffering on the streets of Romania.

We are so happy and proud to support them!

Charitable Support

At JIS Europe we believe to be an ethical company you not only need to source ethically you need to support ethically.

Further to our Rye initiative, we also support the following charities with regular donations
Cry in the Dark Foundation
Underdog International
Soi Dogs
Slaughterhouse Survivors
International Animal Rescue
Wild at Heart Foundation
Lucky's Legacy Rescue
H S I Humane Society International
Trepan Sands Childrens Trust
Children in Need
Bali Animal Welfare Association
War Paws

As well as our regular donation program we also further support these and other charities with emergency appeals

Without your support we couldn't support them